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Non Conventional Mechanical Processing

In this article we will talk about unconventional Bologna mechanical machining carried out by AM-GO, customized according to customer requirements and realized, in this case, thanks to the use of traditional machine tools.

In particular, this month’s case study concerns the production of an iron cylinder composed of 2 keyed shirts to obtain a final dimension with a diameter of 350 mm and a length of 450 mm.

Challenging job given the size of the piece, out of the ordinary for any competing company that performs non-conventional Bologna machining, certainly not for AM-GO.

We produced some material about it: a video of the work done published on the YouTube channel of AM-GO, accompanied by some photos.


Working a piece of iron 450 mm in length from one phase to another, setting a machine like the Eolo 450, are not usual operations.

Not all companies operating in the field of precision mechanics have the skills and the ability to complete an artifact of this size.

The piece consists of 2 cylinders welded into each other for about 110 kg of weight on which various treatments have been alternated: mechanical operations such as traditional turning and milling, welding, sanding and polishing also manual, grinding , have characterized the process of the process.

A type of production that, unlike those usually performed by large-scale AM-GO CNC machines, enhances the craftsmanship of the AM-GO skills.

In the gallery photos at the top of this page some of the topical moments are highlighted.

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