Vanguard Metrology


3D control of complex mechanical parts in which strict quality standards are required.

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Ordinary checks for linear tolerances.

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Micrometric control for checks on the machine during construction.

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The Metrological Room

The constant control of quality standards makes AM-GO at the forefront both for the measurement methodologies adopted and applied and for the high precision instrumentation.

The company has a metrological room equipped with three-dimensional Mitutoyo 3D, roughness testers, durometers and all the measuring instruments necessary for the reliefs of the pieces made in order to guarantee the customer dimensions and geometries exactly as planned.

In reference to the quality standards, the declaration of conformity of each prototype takes place in the control and testing laboratory in which the quality of the product is certified after having tested the characteristics through appropriate measurement technologies.

Test Reports

The piece is measured using a roundness meter and a 3D three-dimensional machine which allows to perform shape analysis and geometric tolerances.

AM-GO, upon request of the Customer, provides test reports to verify the criticality of the details commissioned to check the quality of the work performed.

State-of-the-art technology, very high quality standards, fast delivery times, customized machining, are some of the aspects that distinguish both in Italy and in the rest of the AM-GO world.

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