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Non Conventional Mechanical Processing

In this article we will talk about unconventional Bologna mechanical machining carried out by AM-GO, customized according to customer requirements and realized, in this case, thanks to the use of traditional machine tools. In particular, this month's case study concerns the production of an iron cylinder composed of 2 keyed shirts
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Opening of new AM-GO branch

Another challenge for the imminent future, launched by the ambitious Bolognese company, has begun. AM-GO is pleased to announce the new opening of the AM-GO branch in Quinto di Treviso. A new operational center, a new presence on the territory, the best technology, to meet the needs of an area, that of
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Milling Machine CNC OMV BPF3 Heidenhain Control

A new machine tool to make our range of action more and more in terms of our specializations: mechanical machining. This is why we have further enriched our already extremely varied fleet of machines with the new OMV BPF3 CNC milling machine with Heidenhain control and a tilting head. Its work axes
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